Acceleration Programs

BAU programs supports the development of entrepreneurship and innovation, providing access to knowledge and market for growth of Macedonian startups in their road to success.

Our programs are designed to the needs of the companies in relation to their stage of development. This is why we have separated our batches between ideation and scaling. All our programs have strong expertise backed by our global partners and mentors, allowing us to provide knowledge, feedback and access for our companies. Among our programs the guiding principle is not to just provide knowledge and consultation, but to be able to connect our companies with the global ecosystem, thus giving them access to potential partners, customers and further on investors.

As an investment fund, we also hold the ability to provide direct investment in selected companies of our portfolio.

Ideation programs

Early-stage acceleration: Activities aimed to build the capacity for improving the business perspectives of the innovation process and commercialization potential of ideas coming from students, researchers, innovators, teams.

Scaling programs

Investment readiness programs Targeting advanced start-ups which are interested in further improvement of their business model to become investment ready.

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Closed Calls

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