The wide range of expertise and international experience of the partners allows Accelerator UKIM to establish an extensive list of mentors, both in-house and external mentors, that will assist with all aspects of the acceleration program. The network of mentors was carefully selected based on the anticipated business, technological, financial, and post-investment needs of the beneficiaries/startups taking part in the acceleration program. The business and technological mentors will assist beneficiary-startups to adequately develop their business models, and products/services offered. The financial mentors will assist the startups to adequately prepare their investment and financial applications, and their overall investment readiness. The post-investment mentors will help the invested-in startups to sufficiently prepare and source potential exits. As an example, UKIM dedicated their topmost technological-academic and research staff to help startups with technology issues, while CEED Hub Skopje, CDF, Foundation Stamboliev and RSM Macedonia has identified mentors that will assist startups with their investment readiness, and exit potential. The list of mentors was carefully selected in order to effectively cover the entire acceleration and investment lifecycle, leading to growth of the startups and investment exits.