Application for Acceleration Program

The acceleration program is the central piece of our puzzle!

The eight-week intense learning/business acceleration program will start on 26 September 2019, and end with BAU’s DEMODAY / Betapitch Skopje 2019, scheduled for 20 November 2019. At the Demo Day, you will pitch your venture in front of BAU’s Investment Committee, and other investors from our community. The Head of T-Labs and the COO of Betahaus will be our special jury members.

The winners will have the opportunity to apply for an investment (up to EUR 133k), and travel to Berlin to pitch in front of Germany’s top investors and industry representatives at Betapitch Global – Investors Day (6 December 2019).

What do you get from the program? 

1. BOOTCAMP: at the BOOTCAMP we will decompose your business model, define priorities, set milestones and get the teamwork going.

2. VALUES: we will guide you in developing a clear message to your customers on what values you offer them.

3. BUYERS: who do I sell to? We will put your business in front of the core question of the game.

4. GROWTH HACKING: growing the hard way is the easiest way.

5. MONEY: money are not the core of your business, emotions are. Learn how to manage money and grow in order to realize your goals

6. SELLING: sell better and smarter.

7. METRICS: if you can’t measure it – it doesn’t exists! In this segment we show you how to convert your data into a valuable orientation tool in the world of market opportunities.

8. PARTNERING: partnering is not easy – sooner or later it becomes a problem for every business. Let us prepare you adequately, so you know when the real deal is on the table.

Please answer with N/A for the questions that don’t apply to your startup.