AGROSENSE is a personal Internet of Things (IoT) based agro-meteorological station created for the agro-business sector, in order to rise the sector’s low productivity.
It collects in real time, all the meteorological, soil and plant data, directly from the own field, which are very much needed for the proper application of the agro-technical measures.

The measured data is sent to the “cloud”, processed with AI algorithms and is being delivered to the customer’s smart phone in a form of status reports, recommendations and alerts. By an adequate and timely implementation of the plant protection and irrigation measures, crops losses are minimized, resource savings are achieved, leading towards the significant increase of agricultural productivity.


Elevate Global is providing ASAP – an autonomous prescriptive modeling solution that enables industries to forecast the future behaviour of their assets. It autonomously selects the optimal forecasting model based on customer specific criteria.

Our prescriptive analytics allows users to “prescribe” a number of different possible actions and to guide them towards a solution.

This results in cost reduction, and improved and faster decision making in the energy, utilities and manufacturing industries.