International High Level Seminar on: Innovations in Agricultural Capacity Building

International High Level Seminar on: Innovations in Agricultural Capacity Building: Leveraging Agricultural Development Israel, 17 – 22 November 2019

MASHAV, Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation together with MATC, MASHAV’s
Agricultural Training Center, The International School of Agricultural Sciences of the Robert H. Smith Faculty
of Agriculture, Food and Environment – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and METC, MASHAV’s Aharon
Ofri International Training Center for Education is honored to host this first International Seminar, to be
held in Kibbutz Shefayim, Israel, from 17 – 22 November 2019.

The Seminar aims to bring together deans, rectors, and directors from agricultural academic institutions,
agricultural research organizations and agricultural colleges to share experiences, discuss common issues
and reinforce cooperation, targeting to strengthen and improve agricultural technological capabilities, which
will ensure agricultural innovation and meet the challenges of global development goals.
The capacity building seems to stand in the core of many of targets of the UN 2030 Agenda. Since one of its main
principles are, “to leave no one behind,” it is critical that efforts advance the goals also enhance the
opportunities for people at all levels and from all backgrounds to be in charge of their future development.

According to the definition of United Nations Development Program (UNDP): “In the global context, capacity
refers to the ability of individuals and institutions to make and implement decisions and perform functions
in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner. At the individual level, capacity building refers to theprocess of changing attitudes and behaviors-imparting knowledge and developing skills while maximizing the
benefits of participation, knowledge exchange and ownership.

At the institutional level, it focuses on the overall organizational performance and functioning capabilities, as well as the ability of an organization to adapt to change. At the systemic level, it emphasizes the overall policy framework in which individuals and
organizations operate and interact with the external environment”.
Israel has been able to close the gap from being a poorly developed country suffering of food shortage in the the 1950s to becoming a member of the OECD in 2010 with less of 2% of its population involved in agricultural activities, despite difficult climatic conditions, scarce land, and water resources and other national challenges.

This fast agricultural development could be mainly attributed to the close collaboration and interaction between the agricultural basic and applied research, the extension together with other supporting systems
and the farming community, resulting in the promotion and implementation of advanced technics in all
agricultural sectors.
Agricultural and rural development relies on a participatory approach, which must include a process of equitable and active involvement of all stakeholders in the formulation of policies and strategies and in the
analysis, planning, implementation,monitoring and evaluation of each development action. Human capacity
building has a key role in this process.
Hosting Institutions
MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MATC – MASHAV International Agricultural Training Center – MASHAV – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
METC – Aharon Ofri International Training Center for Education – MASHAV – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The International School of Agricultural Sciences – The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Key Themes
The Seminar will focus on:
Redirect the course of agricultural research and pedagogical programs;
Implementation of innovations in agricultural capacity building systems
The overall goal of the Seminar is to provide an opportunity for participants to get acquainted with Israel’s
agricultural capacity building systems,approaches, and technologies that have demonstrated their value in the Israeli rural development context.

Specific objectives:
 To introduce participants to the institutions that make up the agricultural academic and pedagogical
a supporting system that has proven to be successful in accelerating agricultural and rural development;
 To enable participants to assess the potential adaptation of relevant strategies;
 To strengthen cooperation and discuss possible future partnerships.
Application Requirements
The Seminar is geared towards deans and directors of agricultural academic institutions, agricultural research
and development organizations and agricultural colleges. Full command of English is essential.
Interested candidates are requested to direct their application trough the nearest Israeli diplomatic mission.
Applicants should submit their Curriculum Vitae and a completed and signed Health Declaration form
(attached) to the Israeli mission until 20 September 2019.

Location and Accommodation:
The Seminar will be held at MATC – MASHAV’s International Agricultural Training Center in Kibbutz Shefayim,
situated 20 km north of Tel Aviv and near the coastal city of Netanya. Participants will be accommodated at
the Hotel of Kibbutz Shefayim in single rooms.
The local costs will be covered by MASHAV, comprising tuition and field visits, full board accommodation,
health insurance and transfers to and from the airport. Airfares and daily allowance will not be covered.

For further information, please contact:
– MASHAV International Agricultural Training Center
Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Hotel Kibbutz Shefayim – 6099000 Israel
Tel: 972-9-8328241/2 ♦ Fax: 972-9-8328254


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